Samsung Galaxy S series phone - Screen keeps on waking up itself

I encountered an annoying issue on Samsung Galaxy S series hand phone that the screen wakes up by itself on and off for no good reason.  It drains up my battery really fast. This sort of problem you may engage a hand phone shop to help but not all technical personnel will have time to trial and error to troubleshoot for you. They might suggest something drastic like upgrade your firmware or changing your phone battery and etc.

Here are ways for me to resolve it in chronological order. It is not hard really if you have a little time to spare and do some research yourself. I compiled all these together for your easy reference.

1. Check in battery usage in Settings / Smart Manager to see which application use up the most without me notice.
(It is best to start here. Make sure the the "stay await" time is not long for any app. If it is, then you might want to uninstall that application. If the stay await comes from Android System, Android OS or Screen. Any system app, you can't do much about it and very likely not because of these apps.  I uninstall a couple of app that I do not use often when I see it using battery a lot. Better be safe by uninstalling those unused app.)

2. Check for any suspicious app running in your Android without you knowing it like using Advanced Task Killer.
(If there are app that keeps showing here and it is not what you used often, it is good to uninstall it as well)

3. Install wakelock detector to check for any suspicious app running and wake up your phone itself.

(I have issue running wakelock detector as the phone I have is not a rooted phone. I tried the windows version but it is not working well.  But I believe this tool give a clearer picture on what is going on referring to the tutorial of this tool. If this tool work for, it is a plus. )

4. The next area I look into is the settings for the phone. For Samsung Galaxy S series phone like S4, S5, S6 and above, it will come with a lot features and sensors in it. Make sure you turn off all the sensors and test one by one which one causes your phone to wake up itself. (I usually just turn off all since  the wake up problem annoys me more than the benefits I get with these features)

     - Air wake up feature - Settings > Personalization > Accessibility > Dexterity and interaction > Disable "Air wake up"
  - Smart Stay - Settings > Display > Turn off "Smart stay"
   - Increase touch sensitivity  - Settings > Display > Turn off "Increase touch sensitivity"
   -  Motions and Gestures - Settings > Motion > Motions and Gestures > Turn off all these motion detector and actions.
  -  Air View - Settings > Motion > Air View > Turn off "Air view"

5. Check on those app that has control on screen display or layering.

 Go to Settings > Personalization > Accessibility
under services, turn off all those unwanted services or app if you know you are not using it. You might want to trial and error by turning it off to see if it helps.

These are all the steps taken for me to rid the problem, I believe the root cause of my phone problem probably is the Air Wake Up feature but it could be a combination of few. It works for me. Your problem could be different. You may want to check all these to see if it helps. Even if it might be not fixing the direct problem you are facing, these help you to understand more about your phone and do some housekeeping yourself.


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