Samsung Galaxy S series Firmware Update causing installed App won't run and ways to solve it

The Samsung Galaxy S series will be getting firmware update push from Samsung very often. Probably one in few months or more.

However, there are always skepticism whether should I upgrade the firmware since the phone is working fine. One fine day, I pressed the Update firmware that has been appearing in the notification panel for very long time. The update progresses well with no major hiccup. I ensure the power supply to my phone maintain so then installation will not stop halfway due to power outage.

Installation went well but to my horror, most of the Apps that I transferred to SD card earlier on not able to load. I have restarted my phone but it still won't show up.

Google a bit here and there and trial and error. Here are steps to make it work again .

1. Restart the phone few times to ensure it is not because of caching issue. Also, let it run itself by not doing anything with the phone, the phone is doing something in the background even though it is not telling you that. I notice that the applications that you already had in the Android require some sort of caching to store in somewhere. Especially when you reinstall the firmware, it is clear the cache that store the information about apps that your phone have. So, give it some time for it to build up the cache especially you have lots of app in your phone.

2. Check the installed apps in Application Manager in your settings. Check if the apps still show up there. Chances is that the apps that won't run in your android is that it won't register well in your Android. You can see that if you see app with funny name (bare technical name) like com.supercell.clashofclans show up there instead of the actual "friendly" name like Clash of Clans.

To solve this issue, you would need to check your Google Play Service if it is able to perform the app registration well and API calls of it. Referring to this web site for detailed Google Play service functions explanation.

Your apps need to liaise with Google Play Services in order for it to work. (most app rely on this service).

Try to clear the cache of Google Play Service (not clearing data, just clearing cache)
Then, force stop the service the problem still the same
 Then, uninstall the Google Play Service patches that come with your firmware upgrade. Don't worry, the Google Play Services upgrade can be found back in Google play store. So, no harm of trying uninstalling the patch and reinstall it. However , make sure you need to install the patches back otherwise app like Google Map would not work correctly.

3. If you reinstall the Google Play Service and the apps still do not run or your Android does not allow you to uninstall the patches. Try these steps

a. Force stop your Google Play Services and try uninstall the patches.
b.Try to uninstall the following Apps in your phone if you have these.  These apps tend to block you from uninstall Google Play Service patch.

Avast Mobile Security or any similar Antivirus app in your phone
Ms Outlook

After you uninstall the patches and use the factory version of Google Play service. Reboot your phone and see if your apps work now or not.

My phone works fine after I had uninstall the antivirus and reinstall the Google Play Service. Hope this work for you tool.

(Have faith in the quality of the Samsung firmware upgrade that it should not be breaking up any of your existing apps so then you won't attempt drastic action like factory reset the entire phone. Should at least try my methods above that work for me. Of course, be prepared for the worse for firmware upgrade by having a back up of important files in your phone prior before the upgrade.)


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