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Eclipse CVS Repository Integration Watch Out

Eclipse has CVS version control integrated. It is nifty but some watch out to be careful of.

1. Always Refresh your project/ whole thing in the project view before performing Team - Synchronize With Repository or else you would not see your changes during synchronization and causing your changes GONE if you choose to update the files thinking your side have no changes!!!

2. Always use synchronize to check the changes. NEVER use the update (to overwrite local file with changes from server) or commit (to overwrite server/remote files with local file changes) to a folder directly. You would cause either server version get overwritten by your version if there are additional changes by others or your version get overwritten by server copy without doing the conflict checking and merge.

3. If you have already merged the changes (by comparing remote file and local file and use move change facility), your side with the server. Select ‘mark as merge’ and then commit.


This is using XML feature of the SQL server. (nothing new here)

select Type, RestaurantNames from Restaurant AS A CROSS APPLY
(SELECT RestaurantName + ',' FROM Restaurant AS B WHERE A.Type = B.Type FOR XML PATH('')) D (RestaurantNames) GROUP BY Type, RestaurantNames

This is to get something like below (similar to MYSQL GROUP_CONCAT)

Type |RestaurantNames
----- ---------------
Chinese Food | Ah Yat Abalone, Liang Yah Yong Tau Foo,
Indian Food | Kanna Curry House,
Western Fast Food | Burger King, McDonald

instead of multiple rows.

Type |RestaurantName
----- ---------------
Chinese Food |Ah Yat Abalone
Chinese Food |Liang Yah Yong Tau Foo
Indian Food |Kanna Curry House