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Disable Nokia On Screen Keypad for the applications by editing JAR (j2ME) manifest file without having to repacking or make use of programming tools

I have a phone that runs on Symbian S60v5. The phone is a cool phone as I can use it for GPS navigation, decent camera, ergonomic (no awkward function/design like some other phones i have used before that put me off. Design and function make sense to me, no impractical but just down to earth.), sturdy , stable signal reception and good call quality.

However, like any phone OSes, there are always bugs in it and Symbian makes no exception. And of all bugs in Symbian S60v5, there is one particular bug in the Symbian that really annoys me. It is this Java Suite Setting that sits inside the Installed App menu (Symbian Application Manager). The Installed Applications has a memory constraint bug that it cannot load up if there are too many applications/games installed into your phone. Especially if you have upgraded your memory card.

When the Installed App could not load up. There is no way that you can change the Java Suite Settings of your Java application/game.
What is in the Java Suite…