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Excel 2007 - Printing of excel sheet to fit to page size

The Ms Excel is a different animal when it comes to printing.
Because of the nature of the format, you could be selecting only a fraction of page/sheet or workbook to print.

For a casual excel user like me, this give inconvenient when all i care is to be able to print what i see on that particular page (or call sheet in excel).

Often time, you would see some fraction of the content is being crop out in the print out. Because of exceeded range, you need to resize the columns one by one so then to be able to see the print out in one page. This is time consuming and frustrating.

So, after some digging, I found my all time favorite Fit to Page printing function.

It is located in "Page Layout" segment.And then, there is a "Scale to Fit" band next to page setup band. (that is another frustration of using newer version of office , all the menu items have been revamped, need time to search for what you want like in the past version). However, this would not work magi…

My Experience of Prepaid Wireless Broadband

I do not hook up to internet that often after office hours, only once in a blue moon for research purposes. (after all, i get to connect to internet all day long in the office.)
It makes no sense for me to commit to the monthly flat rate plan , and thus I choose prepaid broadband for my non-office hours internet surfing.

Ok, I have done quite a bit of survey (that is just me, surveying even on these kind of menial stuff) - (comparison of packages as of today - 3 April 2010)

Oh, by the way, I have bought a D-Link WCDMA/HSDPA USB modem to test most of these packages. (No need to lock in to any packages just to get the bundled modem by any operator, it is the same standard HSDPA modem. It would work the same way. In fact, my D-Link modem has additional MicroSD card slot (for storage) and I can use the bundled software to send SMS. So, no need to top-up using my handphone, just the modem will do. )

Digi Limited Edition Prepaid Internet
RM10 5 days unlimit…