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Outlook - IMAP Sent Items folder not keeping the sent items

If you are familiar with Outlook Express, you will notice that everytime if you are using the IMAP account to send out the email, the sent emails will automatically be copied one copy into "Sent Items" IMAP folder. But, if you switch to Outlook, regardless of Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003 and etc. The sent email will never be copied into the IMAP sent items folder but instead only into the local sent items folder. Anyway, there is a way to overcome this problem (courtesy of Lee Ta Nen). By using the Outlook rules to imitate the effect. Steps 1. Goto menu, Tools - Rules and Alerts 2. Click "New Rules ..." button 3. In the Rules Wizard - choose "Start from a blank rule" 4. In "Select when message should be checked", select "Check messages after sending" 5. Click "Next" button 6. Then, in the next page, choose "uses the form name from" and tick it. 7. Then, in the "Edit the rule description" click on the…

.NET GDI+ Simple Image Operations

(In C#)

System.Drawing.Graphics g;

bmpOriginal = new Bitmap("C:\\myImage.gif");

int nNewWidth = 2 * bmpOriginal .Width; //suppose resize 200%
int nNewHeight = 2 * bmpOriginal .Height;

System.Drawing.Bitmap bmpModified = new Bitmap(nNewWidth, nNewHeight);
g = Graphics.FromImage(bmpModified );

RectangleF rectDest =new RectangleF(

RectangleF rectSource = new RectangleF(0, 0, bmpOriginal.Width, bmpOriginal.Height);
bmpOriginal ,
rectSource ,

bmpModified .Save("C:\\myNewImage.gif", System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Gif);

g = null;