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Microsoft Project - The How To Series that Project Manager too embarrassed to ask. (part 2) - Where is the WBS in Microsoft Project?

In the PMBOK project management process groups and knowledge areas. For what ever projects that you are about to embark on planning process group, you will need to create the WBS under project scope management. However, when you think you are already using the industry most commonly used project management software - Ms Project. You simply can't find a way to start working on it using the software. You are like, WTF....
In fact, if you do a bit of Google here and there, you will end up getting search result suggesting you to buy another software that sits on top of Ms Project. The software is not bad but shouldn't WBS a fundamental of project planning? How could Microsoft miss out on this.

I am not going to elaborate about the purpose of WBS, what are the details of it and how is it going to be applied. For that, you can refer to PMBOK or any project management web sites for details.

What I am going to discuss about is the way to do WBS using Ms Project. And the items that I…