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Tips on how to use IBM iNotes (web client) on emailing or scheduling - Like copy tables from Excel or checking for user id (windows logon id) through email address

There are certain functions that I accustomed with when I write email and schedule a meeting using mail client such as Ms Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes. However, such functions are not straightforward when I am in Lotus iNotes, a completely web based client application.

Writing Email Common Functions
1. Checking for user id (Windows Logon ID) for the email address.
There is no check for user detail in web based version. In the PC client version, you can do this by right clicking on the email address in the "To" textbox. However, there is another solution in web based verion. You can click on "To" hyperlink to search for that person in the address book. Then, find the person there and click "Details" there to get the user id (Windows Login ID)

Similar, if you do not have email address of the person but you have the windows logon ID, you can just type the ID in the "To" textbox and click on search for that person. The system will reverse lookup the …