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Resolving SSRS 2008 Deployment and Access Issues

If you are coming from SSRS 2005 background. You would be accustomed to the fact that SSRS is part of SQL server and at the same time, it is a web application in IIS.
So, when you want to configure the report server, you would tinker the IIS and SQL server management studio.

However, once you have upgraded the SSRS to be 2008. You would feel lost at first that all these familiar ways of doing things have changed. So, now, it is no longer depending on IIS seems. It has it's own http.sys.

These are all good as in term of technology improvement and progress but at developer end, it is nothing pleasant but confusion and frustration when trying to troubleshoot the problem developers encounter, especially for experienced SSRS developers. They suddenly have turned into rookies. Ok, to help those experienced developers out there. This is my take to experienced guys as this is what i have been through too.
First thing first, you have to accept the fact that technology advance quicker tha…