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Making all the sticky notes in Outlook 2010 to appear sticky again

I use sticky notes for one reason is that it will stay sticking on my screen until I have decided to remove it.
The Microsoft Outlook the moment you create the sticky note, it will stay on top of the screen. However, when you have switch off your machine or close your Outllook application. The sticky notes will go disappear itself. You have to reopen one by one in the Outlook again to make it sticky on top again. Imagine if you have tons of sticky notes in your notes folder.  Of course for the case of Microsoft Outlook, if you want to quickly check back what you have put into the note is that you can change the view of the Sticky Note folder to list. But then again, that defeat the purpose of me using sticky note. That is not the reason why I use a sticky note, I might as well use task or something else in Outlook for that purpose.
So, here goes my solution which is to make use of Office VBA macros. It is not a daunted task as you may think, just a little bit of google search here a…