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Ways to fix your Android (Samsung Galaxy S2) that hangs or becomes unstable

I read numerous posts or discussions in the internet forums or android/Samsung support site about how to fix the android phone problems (software related that could cause hardware to fail) . Most of the solutions coming back are like rooting, reset to factory default settings and etc. I am not sure about others but to me, the stuff most important in a phone are below.
 - Settings I have spent time putting into the phone itself, not just apps(that includes icons in the home screen, folder that stores apps, short cuts/customization that fit my style of using the phone and etc)
- Apps that I have already installed and comes with my data in it.  Apps that i have spent time configuring, store personal stuff in it. Not to mention those I have spent $$ on it.
  (If you have purchased the app from Google Play, chances are you get to re-download the app for free but if you purchased it from else where, then, good luck to you. )
- Phone data (like contacts, calendar, notes, photo, sms (text) a…