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Samsung Galaxy S series Firmware Update causing installed App won't run and ways to solve it

The Samsung Galaxy S series will be getting firmware update push from Samsung very often. Probably one in few months or more.

However, there are always skepticism whether should I upgrade the firmware since the phone is working fine. One fine day, I pressed the Update firmware that has been appearing in the notification panel for very long time. The update progresses well with no major hiccup. I ensure the power supply to my phone maintain so then installation will not stop halfway due to power outage.

Installation went well but to my horror, most of the Apps that I transferred to SD card earlier on not able to load. I have restarted my phone but it still won't show up.

Google a bit here and there and trial and error. Here are steps to make it work again .

1. Restart the phone few times to ensure it is not because of caching issue. Also, let it run itself by not doing anything with the phone, the phone is doing something in the background even though it is not telling you that. …

Samsung Galaxy S series phone - Screen keeps on waking up itself

I encountered an annoying issue on Samsung Galaxy S series hand phone that the screen wakes up by itself on and off for no good reason.  It drains up my battery really fast. This sort of problem you may engage a hand phone shop to help but not all technical personnel will have time to trial and error to troubleshoot for you. They might suggest something drastic like upgrade your firmware or changing your phone battery and etc.

Here are ways for me to resolve it in chronological order. It is not hard really if you have a little time to spare and do some research yourself. I compiled all these together for your easy reference.

1. Check in battery usage in Settings / Smart Manager to see which application use up the most without me notice.
(It is best to start here. Make sure the the "stay await" time is not long for any app. If it is, then you might want to uninstall that application. If the stay await comes from Android System, Android OS or Screen. Any system app, you can&…

Connecting Sametime using Pidgin (IBM Sametime 2017, Pidgin 2.12.0) - solving version mismatched error

I get version mismatched error with my Pidgin lately. I tried GTK+ update, Pidgin update, Proxy setting changing and tweaking the setting. Nothing works. Finally, I ran into this article

The key things to make it to work is to add these 2 lines into Pidgin setting. (Prior before this, you should add Sametime account to your Pidgin first, set your Server address and you login and password etc. Then only, the basic settings and Settings tag will be available in your account.xml)  These 2 settings are not available in UI of the Pidgin account configuration.Only one of it is available, the fake_client_id. Also, since it is a XML, make sure all the character used in XML tag are valid ASCII character like your single quote ' and bracket are ASCII.

The setting file can be found here - C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\.purple\accounts.xml Close the Pidgin program, edit the file and save it. …