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WCF - Reading from Application Configuration File - config section - system.serviceModel

I can't find any example on the web for this, so i guess it could be helpful.
This is a simple example to show a way to read the system.serviceModel configuration section in application/web configuration file.

Something like for
ConnectionString, there is a straightforward class for that,

Codes snippet below

ServiceModelSectionGroup group = ServiceModelSectionGroup.GetSectionGroup(ConfigurationManager.OpenExeConfiguration(ConfigurationUserLevel.None));

//suppose if there is only one endpoint
if(group.Client.Endpoints.Count < 0)
uri = group.Client.Endpoints[0].Address.AbsoluteUri;

Stop Symantec Endpoint Protection Weekly Scheduled Scan Momentary

The intention of weekly scheduled scan is good, it helps to safeguard and diagnose your computer from malware. It is a setting set by the most system administrator that any computer with endpoint protection installed would need to oblige this and have it scan every week. It is a centralized setting where users can't change it at the user end.

However, for an advanced user like myself who knows how to take care of my computer, running a PC scanning even on my peak hours are really intrusive. Therefore, after some trial and error, i notice if I use process explorer to kill the rtvscan.exe while it is running, it would force the scanning to terminate itself. And the best thing is antivirus would still be up and running and no restart required. Probably you would need to enable back the protection at the setting where it would prompt you too. That is all you need to do.

(this is my backdoor trick, use it at your own risk.)