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Searching word/phrase in a very large text file in windows

1. Firstly, you need to have a grep tool (like Unix). For windows, you can try

2. Then, you just search a word/phrase in the text file with simple query or advanced regular expression query in the wingrep.

3. You should be getting the line number in the grep search result.

4. Then, start dos prompt.

5. Type command - "more +123 YourHugeFile.txt" where 123 for example is the line number you wish to see starting from.

6. Then, you should see some content in "more" dos screen.

7. If you wish to scroll line by line in "more", key in "enter/ret". if you wish to go page by page, key in "space"

9 Once you are done, type "CTRL + C" to exit.