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Smart Thinking & Lateral Thinking (Edward De Bono)

(These are just my own "personal" summary to Edward De Bono smart thinking & lateral thinking materials where I have came across some of his books lately. (for my own reference)
Please visit authorized Edward De Bono web sites if you are interested in these topics.

Lateral Thinking - 6 thinking hats

White Hat - Based on hard data, facts, figures and numbers
Red Hat - Based on hunch, gut feeling emotional point of view
Black Hat - Pessimistic, sad & negative view but logical.
Yellow Hat - Glad and possitive but logical view.
Green Hat - Alternative, creative and sprouting new idea.
Blue Hat - Step back and take care of process of thinking. Deciding hats to be used and summarize what have been thought.

Critical Thinking - A way to minimize mistake in thinking.

Creative Thinking

Provocative Operation - Come up with an absurd idea. Then, think of "movement".
Movement - Think of ways to make provocative operation / random words possib…