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Ways to get more system storage for Android phones

There are a lot of ways to clean your storage so then to get more storage for new app installation.
If you search in market, you get a array of these kind of apps. Before we talk about cleaning storage. Lets talk about why we need to house keeping sometimes.
It is good to have extra system storage, not just for you to install more apps or place personal data.
In fact, by having more extra system storage will prevent running into hanging issue for your Android phone.
The reason being that some apps will generate temporary files when it performs some tasks in the phone, depending on how good is the developer of the app. If they do not do a proper exception handling in their code, if the phone run into cases that the system storage has run out, the app might cause the entire phone to hang.

So, it is important to ensure there are ample amount of system storage available in your Android phone.

OK, here goes the real topic of how to get more system storage for your phone.

My approach of …

Evernote VS OneNote

I was running into situation to pick either OneNote or Evernote for my exam preparation.

Version that I am using to compare are
- Evernote 5.3 Windows version and  Evernote for Android Mobile.
- OneNote 2013 and OneNote2010. I synchronize across few version of OneNote for the same stuff. And then, OneNote for Android recently launched.

Experience on the software wise, I have used both OneNote and Evernote for years. Although I have to be frank that, due to heavy duty of notes that I am taking and I am using Windows on my PC. I used OneNote more often. Evernote I came across this because of its popularity in Android community.
My feeling towards both of the software are,  features wise, Onenote wins Evernote hands down.
Evernote I would say currently it only carries a subset of features what Onenote has.
Ranging from tagging, Onenote has ways more in term of doing a tagging like it allows tagging by a selected text in a paragraph. Not just by page. Evernote however uses tag extensivel…