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Dos Prompt - Batch file programming - Preparing executables for deployment(more straightforward way)

All I want to do is to get a set of binaries from projects in solution file (.NET win application) in the debug/release folder and put into one target folder so then I can quickly deploy into staging environment for testing.

I do not want to create the setup packages because I want to retain the pdb files in it (for debug version). I know this can be done using the package setup too and also some well build automation script to include debug database but too much of hassle and I want to do it across many projects. Also, I do not want to purchase another tool for simple stuff like this. All I want is a generic script for all kind of the projects.

So, here, I come out with a batch file

There are some approach in batch programming where a batch will read from another text file (the locations of the project). But i like to put all the location setting to the batch file. Easy to keep track and feel like in control all the time. Too many files to maintain not my preference that all.

Here go…

Microsoft XPS Viewer would not print in Windows 7

I need to delay the print job as there is no printer available for me to print. Therefore, I decided to save it as XPS for the print job and print it later when I am hook up to a printer in the network.

XPS is the format supported in Win 7. It is part of the windows installation.
So, i suppose, no issue would follow even though this would be my first time using the XPS.

Next day, I open the file using the Ms XPS viewer. Yes, it does the job nicely, i can see the print out clearly and it looks exactly like the actual print out. (what am i talking, it "is" the print out.)
Then, ok, it is time to print since i am hooked up to printer.

Click print, says successful. Then, go to the printer, nothing comes out. Try few more times, same thing.

I thought something is wrong with my printer. Try to print other thing. No issue. Only XPS viewer can't print. So, I figured out that it is XPS viewer printing issue.
I then, try to convert to other format like PDF using Paperport or paginated ve…