Integrate help to .NET apps

"Enter Phone number here. Valid input characters are 0-9,space,'-','(', and ')'",

//this will show an unconventional popup message box on the cursor position. Nicer than standard //messagebox

Can also use the HelpProvider object HelpString properties to achieve the same effect but seems to have less control over.

when drag a System.Windows.Forms.HelpProvider to a form.

All the controls in the form will have the option HelpNavigator on myHelpProvider avail in the properties windows.

For directing the F1 key press to index of the CHM. The helpprovider need to set HelpNamespace to "Help\VB.chm" (to chm appropriate).

Then, in the needed control,
HelpNavigator on myHelpProvider option, choose keyword index, and then key in the helpkeyword.

This will automatically map the F1 key press or the "?" help button button to be directed to the CHM.


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