Duplicating a local copy of project from TFS and making web software client factory to work

My team members were asking me about how come their files can't be modified and etc even if it is a duplicated local copy. I tried it out and realized it is indeed not working as told. My finding was that the TFS has a tight control on the versioning of the file, even if the files are offline or those files are duplicate copies of the original files, the TFS control still present in every aspects of the actions you want to do onto those files.

So, it seems like there need to have an official declaration to inform Visual Studio that the project files are out of the TFS radar. After some internet searches and trials, it seems like to "permanently" detach project file from TFS are not so straightforward and not properly documented too. It requires some kind of hacking seems.

Below are the steps required after the files get copied out from the TFS.

1. Change all the files from readonly to non-readonly.
2. Remove your local workspace from the Visual Studio.
Go to menu item - Source Control Explorer -> Workspaces -> (Select your workspace) -> Edit -> Remove Working Folder that you do not need it to associate with TFS.
3. Use a notepad to edit the *.sln (solution file) with the following text.
Add the following lines before the EndGlobal.

GlobalSection(ExtensibilityGlobals) = postSolution
RootNamespace = "YourDefaultNamespace"


4. Once it is done, save the sln file and then reopen the solution file with Visual Studio.
5. Visual Studio would prompt to ask if you need to remove any association with TFS. Select yes. There are other prompts follow too, just click ok or yes.
6. Once that is done. You should be able to do what ever stuff you want without the TFS interference anymore.


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