Microsoft XPS Viewer would not print in Windows 7

I need to delay the print job as there is no printer available for me to print. Therefore, I decided to save it as XPS for the print job and print it later when I am hook up to a printer in the network.

XPS is the format supported in Win 7. It is part of the windows installation.
So, i suppose, no issue would follow even though this would be my first time using the XPS.

Next day, I open the file using the Ms XPS viewer. Yes, it does the job nicely, i can see the print out clearly and it looks exactly like the actual print out. (what am i talking, it "is" the print out.)
Then, ok, it is time to print since i am hooked up to printer.

Click print, says successful. Then, go to the printer, nothing comes out. Try few more times, same thing.

I thought something is wrong with my printer. Try to print other thing. No issue. Only XPS viewer can't print. So, I figured out that it is XPS viewer printing issue.
I then, try to convert to other format like PDF using Paperport or paginated version using Fineprint. Nothing works.
Google it, the only working solution is

This guy do not have XPS in Vista or XP where he needs to install the XPS software bottom up. Along the way, he has identify the bug in Ms XPS Viewer. My case is even Ms did install the XPS for me which should have learn from other people comment. Yet, the XPS viewer shipped in Win 7 is still buggy!!! How come no one ever complaint about this loudly? Unless... no one uses this XPS thingy.
I can confirm is XPS viewer bug because the when i print in Paperport or Fineprint.
Those programs would report error or something.
The solution I found based on the blog and some trial and error is
To install PrimoPdf - And then print the XPS to the PrimoPdf. The reason why it works is that PrimoPdf is more lax and has additional error correction to the print out that gets send to it. Like this case, XPS viewer send buggy print script to the printer (in our case, the PrimoPdf). PrimoPdf corrects it and make the printing possible.

Good work PrimoPdf, you save the day for a bunch of Ms XPS users.


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