Using Cygwin as XServer and putty as terminal client.

Firsly, install Cygwin with XServer.

Then, start your xserver in the cygwin bash shell by typing "startx &" so that you will have an additional xterm for configuration or
xwin -broadcast to start a broadcast XDMCP session instead.

Then, after started xserver, it will pop a xwindow client.

In your xwindow client (normally xterm), authenticate (if required) any client that
attempt to connect to your server by typing in

xhost + < IP / hostname >

(note: if hostname unresolved, add it in at /usr/hosts. Also to identify if your client
having authentication problem. Normally, your client will get error message like

authentication error - Xlib: Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 key


you would need to configure your putty session so that it would forward X11 to Xserver, this can be done so by going to

Connection - SSH - X11- Tick Enable X11 Forwarding
And key in
X-Display Location as "localhost:0" (note, assuming your xserver is running at localhost)

Then, start your configured session and connect and login to say

To test the XWindow, type "xclock &" in your putty.

(side note, the copy and paste for xwindow in cygwin commands below

ctrl - ins for copy (or just highlight the text in the xwindow)
shift - ins to paste (or "wget" prior shift-ins if it does not work))


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