Microsoft Project - The How To Series that Project Manager too embarrassed to ask (part 1) - How to print gantt chart and rename resource?

I often times want to do certain things in Microsoft Project that is supposed to be trivial but I always end up I could not find that particular command or function based on my current habit of looking up for things. Even I tried to google for answer but it just returns irrelevant stuff. I suppose these are consider too trivial or too shy for people to ask this sort of questions.

So, this article is meant for anyone who shares the same trait like me. Bumping into simple stuff in Microsoft Project that need a quick answer without having to attend formal Microsoft Project training.

1. How to rename the resource in the project?

Resource is the usually the team member of the project, it could also be machine or what ever that are required for the tasks to be carried out.

The default view of Microsoft Project is Gantt Chart, so, whenever someone wants to rename assigned resource for the task, usually you will just double click on the task and go to "Resources" of the task to attempt to rename the resource. However, by doing so will only add another resource into the resource pool and not renaming the original resource name.

The proper way of doing this should be going to Team Planner view or Resource Sheet view. Double click on the resource in Resource Name column there and rename it in the show up Resource Information form.

2. How to print the project gantt chart in full page and not multiple section spread out many pages?

The way how Microsoft Project interprets what needs to be printed is what you see in your current windows of your gantt chart. So, if you current viewing of the gantt chart on your monitor is already obscured in your monitor. Most likely it be the same of worse in printer. However, you would have to take into the account of your monitor size, if you monitor size if is like 19 inches or more, then, you would probably want to adjust the expectation on that when you print it in the printer.

The way i would recommend is to hide those unwanted columns in your current ganth chart view like Task Mode column and Indicator column. Also, hide the predessors column too because you can see the relationship in the gantt chart.

Then, the next thing you should do is to reduce the font size of your column. Click on the left top most cell of the tasks table and change it to smaller font size. After that, change your time scale larger scale like weeks or month. As long as you get to see the chart you want and it is not too small.

The last step is then click on Print menu, look for Page Setup link button at the bottom right corner. Click on it, you should see the Page Setup window. Change your scaling to "Fit to 1 pages wide by 1 tall. (What ever preference that you have). That is all the steps needed.

3. How to print the timeline without the gantt chart?

If you want to print only the tasks and excluding the Gantt chart. Click on the print menu, then, in the "Settings",   look for "Print Entire Project", click on that combobox. Then, you will see "Left Columns of Pages Only". Check on that and it will print only the timeline excluding the gantt chart.


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