Evernote VS OneNote

I was running into situation to pick either OneNote or Evernote for my exam preparation.

Version that I am using to compare are
- Evernote 5.3 Windows version and  Evernote for Android Mobile.
- OneNote 2013 and OneNote2010. I synchronize across few version of OneNote for the same stuff. And then, OneNote for Android recently launched.

Experience on the software wise, I have used both OneNote and Evernote for years. Although I have to be frank that, due to heavy duty of notes that I am taking and I am using Windows on my PC. I used OneNote more often. Evernote I came across this because of its popularity in Android community.
My feeling towards both of the software are,  features wise, Onenote wins Evernote hands down.
Evernote I would say currently it only carries a subset of features what Onenote has.
Ranging from tagging, Onenote has ways more in term of doing a tagging like it allows tagging by a selected text in a paragraph. Not just by page. Evernote however uses tag extensively in the search and the organizing of information.
For grouping of information, Onenotes has notebook, section group, section, page, sub page. For Evernote, it has Notebook stack, notebook, and note.
Onenote also has this OCR feature whereby you can scan for text in a image snapshot in the software. Although I never found I need to use this feature. The last I heard is that OneNote going to get the OOM (object oriented modelling) much like its Microsoft Office Siblings. This allows heavy duty integration with Office Applications. The feature list of OneNote can go on and on.

However, in term of Integrated nicely with gadget like handphone.
Evernote wins on details like
- Small memory and storage footprint
- Intelligent synchronization with small data bandwidth usage
- Nifty web clipper for browser with a variety of options and best part of all, the outcome of clipping is nice. (Onenote version is just a screen capture, c'mon, you can do better than this? Some more the outcome is like meant for robot reading and not meant for human because no proper format adjustment for readability)\
- The Evernote is more suitable for Handphone users because of it is design for handphone. In fact, that is how Evernote got popular in the first place. Its compatibility and ergonomic design that is more suited for handphone usage like typing or editing using finger and swiping. OneNote on the other hand is designed for PC with keyboards. If you have keyboard and mouse with you and gearing towards keyboard crunching. Then OneNote is for you. Even in the Android version of OneNote, you can feel that it is merely cramming a Windows version of OneNote into a Android phone. My experience of using this is that I often time have the tendency of accidentally erase or edit the content of my notes while using it because it follows the traits of Windows version which is easily editable at any places. For  clumsy fingers touching on a phone, this often time triggers unnecessary editing. Furthermore, the Android OS does not have undo function built in. OneNote saves itself whenever you edit something. This makes thing worse. Whatever mistakes you made with your clumsy fingers get saved and synchronized over to all other devices. (A nightmare if you are having some important notes taken. Although OneNote does have this version history kept somewhere. But having to retrieve this very often is just annoying.)

So, in short.
Evernote forte is still remain in Android and IOS (I have never used it in iPhone, just words of mouth people saying it is good for iPhone too). OneNote on the other hand is still designed for Windows platform or PC.
If you are doing heavy notes taking, OneNote is for you with a host of features that you can use to organize the information.
On the other hand, if you need an agile and on-the-go type of notes taking, Evernote by far is a better choice.


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