Spam Messages and Messenger Software in Mobile Devices. And How to Remove the Spammer

Many people are using their mobile devices to communicate nowadays. Messenger, facebook, SMS and etc in one device. And to serve the users needs, most mobile devices will come equip with multi-protocol messenger built in or free to download and install. However, because these free multi-procotol messenger software are not the de facto owner of these messenging protocol like GTalk or MSN messenger. They lack of proper update in term of protocol support and vulnerability fixe that big corp like Microsoft can offer. Because of that, spammer and malware are taking advantages of this and exploiting these loopholes. Thus, many mobile devices user are getting scam, junk messages from their mobile devices messengers.

Recently, i have just removed a long time MSN messenger spam+bot contact of mine that has Artifical Inteligent that can prevent typical messenger contact removal from mobile phone. Logon to latest version of PC Microsoft Windows Live. Then click - Tools - Options - Privacy - Block the contact. Select no for any invites that pop up later sent by the bot contact. That is the AI and trick of the bot contact to try to stay in the contact list. Most software/freeware will fail to remove the contact because these invites are invisble in most software other than genuine MS Live Messenger. Spammers or malwares are exploiting the loopholes of those software.Block list is centralized, so, you remove it in MSN Live PC would remove it in mobile devices or other multi-protocol messenger like Miranda/Pidgin later.

I believe there are more of these kind of exploits going on in the internet/mobile internet to be precise nowadays. Open source software economy has a common weakness which is getting proper support. Proprietary software company on the other hand has the obligation to help to fix and support.


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