Steps to set up VS.NET 2003 remote debugger

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msvcmon ( Visual C++ .NET 2003 ) on Windows 9x/NT 4.0/2k/XP.

Steps to set up
the remote debugger

1. copy msvcmon.exe and all the dll it needs to the target machine ( Windows
NT4.0 SP6). Psapi.dll need to be copied over Winnt\System32.
2. on the target machine, open a DOS command windows
c:\app\msvcmon -anyuser
3. start the app ( of course the debug version ) on the target machine
4. on the development machine ( Windows XP SP2 ) , open the project file, go
Debug -> Processes
select "TCP/IP(native only)" as the transport layer, and type the IP
address of the target machine. Then click "refresh" button.

(use PSList or PSKill for remotely terminate process. (at
URL for explanation on its usage.


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